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Just out: a fantastic write-up in  Boog City Online Magazine, covering all four 2018 releases and addressing both the songwriting and saxophone eras:

"'Four frickin' albums last year? What the hell? What could he possibly do for an encore? ... Norman Salant left the experimental jazz world to slum with acoustic guitar slingers. Finally."  -- Jonathan Berger    READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE (it's on page 10)

Always All Around You 

Put your headphones on, turn it up, and dive into an extraordinary sonic experience. Always All Around You is an amusement park of sounds and styles, with lyrics ranging from storytelling to absurdism to Americana to the end of the world.


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"'Always All Around You' is something apart, an album made for the long haul, one made the old way and harks back to a time when record labels would develop and nurture an artist across a number of albums rather than looking for three hit singles and 2 million sales. Ironically, this is an album which in a more discerning world would hit that benchmark without breaking its stride. If there is a better pop ballad than 'Grace' doing the rounds I will eat my hat. It is dream-like, gentle, intimate and perfectly crafted, understated, lyrically engaging and utterly gorgeous. To be honest, if that was the only good song on the album it would still be worth the purchase price; but rather than being an exception, 'Grace' is actually a calling card for a collection of great songs. 'Always All Around You' feels as if it could have been made at any time in the last 60 years but never at any point sounds dated, retro or out of step with fashion. Real beauty, natural beauty, sonic beauty: qualities that this album has running through it right to its core." -- Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture   READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

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 The crown jewel of the saxophone archives, Sax/On contains some of the best saxophone work Salant ever did, recorded in New York in the early 1990s. It features the only recordings of the landmark Moving Planet Orchestra, a groundbreaking ensemble combining middle-eastern sound, style, and instrumentation with modal post-bop western instruments and extremely high-energy improvisational saxophone. Also included are two installments of Saxophone Stories, a series of meditative, totally improvised solo soprano saxophone performances.


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Late Night In The Loft

Late Night In The Loft was a live trio performance in San Francisco in 1983. The trio was created not long after the Norman Salant group had disbanded. In hindsight, it was a forerunner to the 1991 Moving Planet Orchestra featured on Sax/On -- improvisational with middle eastern underpinnings, but in this performance extremely minimal.


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Yodeling Goodbye

The first full-length songwriter album, released in May 2018. The songs were selected from the larger Yodeling Goodbye project (five 4-song EPs), then re-edited, remastered, and re-sequenced. "I'd really thought that albums were over and that music was being experienced mainly as individual disconnected songs, but happily I was very wrong. The album concept is alive and well, and it's great to be able to work with larger thematic ideas." 


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"An honest effort; it's relatable, it's ugly, it's beautiful, it's light-hearted, it's heavy, it's soulful, and it's reflective. Dreamy musings, and polished harmonies instill a sense of awe. I'd recommend this album to anyone looking for a deep listen." -- Bill Todde, Divide and Conquer Music; awarded Top Album, May 2018

"The arrangements are beautiful, and beautifully played. The opening song "Home" is gorgeous." -- Robert Katz, Christopher Street Coffeehouse

"Every single melody is absolutely beautiful. The stories are so personal. The production is entirely everything it could be. In "Home," the intonation alone hooks some deeper part of me that doesn't want to let go. The beautiful surrender in "All Gone Forward" haunts me long after I've listened." -- Eric Wood, songwriter, musician

Feature interview about Yodeling Goodbye in Divide and Conquer Music Magazine --  READ IT HERE

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Norman Salant is a songwriter, singer, saxophonist, composer, producer, avant-gardist, psychedelicist and sometime martini-maker based in New York City. For quite a while now, he's been more focused on songwriting, guitaring, and singing, with all their euphorias and discontents, with the saxophone part of the equation largely on hiatus barring a few cameos on some of the Yodeling Goodbye recordings and the annual September Drum Day celebration in Harlem. The martini-making might still occasionally rear its happy head at performance-enhanced Salon parties, but formal venue shows have been rare. Over the years he's built up a large catalog of songs; only 32 have been recorded so far including the eight on Yodeling Goodbye and 10 more on Always All Around You. At the same time, the earlier saxophone work is being archived and released; four CDs are already out, and two more are planned for between now and January. As for a full-fledged return to the public arena -- well, one can dream.  

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